Bleeding Control Stations & Kits

Below you will see explainations and examples of the equipment in our schools and that will occassionally be reloacted to civic events when school is closed.

Bleeding Control Stations

Bleeding Control Stations are a clear, wall mounted box that will contain a Bleeding Control Kit.  These will be placed strategically throughout the schools, usually in or near large gathering areas or where they may serve multiple classroms.

Bleeding Control Kits

Each Bleeding Control Kit will contain 5 Stop-the-Bleed Kits, 1 Quick Litter for moving patients and 1 zippered tote with a handle and shoulder strap that will hold all of these items.   They can be moved rapidly to the area of the victims to allow for care of multiple casualties.

Stop-the-Bleed Kits

The Stop-the-Bleed Kits will each contain 1 Combat Action Tournequet (C-A-T), 1 6" Emergency Trauma Dressing, 2 Compressd Gauze, 2 Pair of Nitrle Gloves, 1 Pair of Trauma Shears, 1 Perminant Marker and Just In Time Instructions for use of these items.


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