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Would you know what to do?

Active shooter/Active Aggressor incidents can happen anywhere even in rural communities like ours. This site is intended to help prepare students, school staff, first responders and the public to deal with an active aggressor incident should it occur in Henry County, Kentucky.  It will also prepare you for any situation where blood loss could cause death; car accidents, home accidents, sports injuries or disasters. We are trying to raise money to purchase equipment and to provide training to save lives. YOU CAN HELP! - If you know you want training, click  the Training Interest Form in the menu above.  If  you want to know more about our efforts and accomplishments, surf our site.

The Need

Active aggressor incidents are happening more and more.  They are NOT limited to urban areas.  In Henry County, Kentucky we have limited resources when it comes to first responders.  Two ambulances are normally on duty but could be out of the county while transporting patients to area hospitals.  Limited numbers of our Volunteer Firefighters and Law Enforcement have the training or equipment to help and response distances will hamper their abilities.  We must ALL be prepared to act to save lives.  Please explore  this site, learn how you can help.

The Response

Launched in October of 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call to action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

The U.S Army ranks hemorrhage # 1 in the list of preventable causes of death on the battlefield.  They have developed ways and equipment to help us stop the bleed in a better/ safer way.


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