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Thanks to our grant and fundraising partners!

Our  Partners

We'd like to thank the first two organizations who, through grants, purchased equipment needed for our Stop the Bleed program.  The second groups are our boards of education who approved our efforts and the Eminence Education Foundation who agreed to accept donations  through their  501.3c organization which makes them tax deductable.


North Central District Health Department (NCDHD)

The NCDHD's mission is "Caring for our communities by: protecting the public's health, ensuring adherence to regulations, promoting and providing quality preventative health care and educating the public" according to their website. They provided 5 Bleeding Control Stations and 5 Individual Training Kits. These were the first components of our Stop the Bleed program and were a great start to help prepare Henry County's school staff & students.


Healthcare Emergency Response Association (HERA)

HERA is a collaborative healthcare coalition made up of doctors and executive health system staff “dedicated to the promotion of preparedness in our region" according to their website. HERA purchased 13 Bleeding Control Stations and 10 Crisis Response Kits. These items will help school staff, students, first responders, and the general public Stop the Bleed! They also purchased a 20 person Advanced Training Kit that will allow us to provide training to all of the people mentioned above.


Eminence Independant Schools & 
Eminence Education Foundation

Mr. Buddy Berry, Superintendant of Emeinence Independant Schools suggested that the Eminence Education Foundation (EEF) may be willing to help. He arranged a meeting with our founder and the foundation board. Eminence Education Foundation, a 501.3c charity, agreed to partner with us to collect our funds so your dontation will be tax deductable. They will receive the funds and then a committee of representatives from each of the schools, the respective school boards and our founder will decide which items are purchased first and where they will be placed. We appreciate their willingness to assist us with this important project. Mr. Berry also gave the blessing for the Eminence School Board for this project to move forward. 


Henry County Public Schools Board of Education

Mr. Terry Price, Superintendant of Henry County Public Schools liked the idea of preparing our schools and placing Stop-the-Bleed Kits, he recommended we bring it to the full school board for approval. our Founder attended a Henry County Public Schools Board of Education Meeting and gave a presentation on the three phases of our plan.  He explained how he planned to raise the funds and stated that Emeinence Education Foundation would probably receive funds so they could be tax deductable. He asked their permission to conduct this fund raising and eventually place the Bleeding Control Stations and Stop-the-Bleed kits in the Henry County Public Schools. They gave their approval which allows us to move forward.


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